Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink Set

Delight in the rich and lavish colors of this carefully curated ink collection inspired by the beauty of nature. Asa-gao (Morning Glory), a striking shade of cobalt blue, is inspired by the vivid color of Japan’s most beloved flower. Murasaki-shikibu (Japanese Beautyberry), grows wild throughout Japan, adorned with small, purple-colored berries. Chiku-rin (Bamboo Forest), a vivid, lush green, embodies the strength and softness of Japan’s perennial evergreen. Writing with these striking ink colors will enable you to bring the beauty and expressiveness of nature to every word. Ideal for use with the Plumix Iris Set!

  • 3 mini Iroshizuku ink bottles:
  • Asa-gao (Cobalt Blue)
  • Murasaki-shikibu (Purple)
  • Chiku-rin (Lime Green)
  • 1 Ink Converter