Creoroll Gel Pastels
Coloring Set

The Pilot Ensō Creoroll gel pastels deliver vibrant opaque color and have a velvet-like texture. They are ideal for hand-lettering and coloring on textured surfaces like watercolor paper and canvas, and on smooth surfaces like paper and chipboard. Creoroll is easy to blend to create a stunning opaque effects on both black and white surfaces. Just twist the barrel ends and the pastels are ready to use. No sharpeners needed. No labels to peel. The smooth plastic barrels protect the pastels from breaking and make them comfortable to hold. The set of 16 vivid assorted colors comes in a durable plastic carrying case. Let your imagination flow and enjoy a new twist on creativity with Creoroll.

  • 16 gel pastels (White, Yellow, Pale Orange, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Lime, Green, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, and Black)